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Military Music at Eastney Collection, Marching Band Music particularly Royal Marines bands' music Specialists

If you want high quality military music, military bands, military march music, or popular light music on CD, then this is the place to buy that music. We specialise in military music, supplying British military band, particularly Royal Marines bands music (the band of HM Royal Marines), marching bands music, and popular light music compact discs.

We hope you will find something to interest you amongst our range of military music compact discs, especially Royal Marines music. Many of these are historically significant, such as Music At Sunset by the Band of HM Royal Marines School of Music (conducted by Sir Vivian Dunn) shown here. We also have a couple of interesting books, some DVDs - including a quite enthralling film of the amazing marching bands and other military music displays which took part in a recent Norwegian military tattoo - and other things!

To see what we have in our online shop please browse by clicking the online store button (in 'menu' above and below). Alternatively, if you are looking for Royal Marines music, marching and brass bands music, then click on the CD image to the right (Music at Sunset).
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Contact Us - the military music, Royal Marines and march band specialists
About Us - Eastney Collection Military Music Specialists

About Us - Eastney Collection Military Music Specialists

Our Company was formed in 1998 initially to oversee the restoration and marketing of the collection of historic military music recordings by the orchestra of the Royal Yacht (the Band of HM Royal Marines Portsmouth Division as it was known in those days). These were originally made during the 1940s for wartime radio broadcast to entertain Allied Servicemen at home and abroad and therefore presented a technical challenge. Since then the company has produced several further CDs of vintage military music and marching band music recordings in conjunction with EMI Records Ltd, and also joined with a number of other companies in the promotion of particular recordings, especially marching band music as we have a fine collection of Royal Marines music and marching band music recordings. A considerable percentage of our work is carried out for registered charities as indicated in the following pages.

We are constantly updating our Royal Marines bands and military music catalogue as well as searching for new, quality marching band music material likely to be of interest to our customers looking specifically for Royal Marines music. We are also hoping to expand our range with at least one album of vintage military music recordings by the marching bands and brass bands of the other two Services. We will keep you informed.

We are particularly fortunate to be able to work with the highly experienced Brian Culverhouse, formerly a senior EMI recordings manager, who has an unrivalled knowleged of both the military band and orchestral worlds, particularly those produced by Royal Marines bands. Recordings excellence is his motto.