Dave Brubeck:  Take Five

Dave Brubeck: Take Five

Describing himself as 'a composer who plays the piano' Dave Brubeck had a formal musical education studying under Darius Mihaud at Oakland College. From 1951 he led his famous Quartet and made an enormous impression at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival following which, in 1960, he released his famous 'Time Out' LP of which 'Take Five', written in 5/4 time, became a surprise hit worldwide. The tracks here are:

1. Tritonis - Brubeck
2. Koto Song - Brubeck
3. Out Of The Way Of The People - D Brubeck/C Brubeck
4. Big Bad Basie - Brubeck
5. (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue - Waller/Brooks/Razaf
6. Take Five - Desmond
7. Benjamin - Brubeck
8. Blue Rondo A La Turk

Total running time 56 minutes

£5- incl p+p worldwide (Special Christmas Offer)