The Story of the Royal Navy

The Story of the Royal Navy

Throughout two world wars and numerous naval engagements, the Royal Navy has maintained its place as one of the world's major maritime powers. This fascinating documentary looks at the great era of the battleship through to the aircraft carriers, frigates and destroyers that have kept the tradition strong. The story of the Navy combines rare and unseen archive footage with newly shot colour film and expert opinion to tell the story of the momentous years from the turn of the 20th century.

Historic milestones include the Battle of Jutland from the first world war, the Channel dash, the sinking of Force Z, the hunt for the Bismarck, and the Battle of the Atlantic.

Bringing the story up to date is a section on the 'Festival of the Sea 2001', one of the greatest celebrations of our nautical heritage that his country has ever seen.

The chapters covered by this film are:
Part 1
1. World War 1
2. Aircraft carriers
3. World War 2
4. War with Italy
5. Hunt for the Bismarck
6. Sinking of the Tirpitz
Part 2
1. Assault on Normandy
2. Reinforced British Fleet
3. Jets
4. Falklands conflict
5. The Gulf War
6. Submarines

Film duration approx 115 mins

Price £12- including p+p worldwide