Britain's Choice - DOUBLE CD Album

Britain's Choice - DOUBLE CD Album

This double CD album of 25 tracks is the complete set of recordings Sir Vivian Dunn made with the Light Music Society orchestra in 1970. Originally produced as two separate LPs, PERCY GRAINGER and BRITAIN'S CHOICE, this exquisite collection heralded a new era of popularity for British light music, a trend which has continued thanks to the demand for these recordings by radio listeners. These works, mainly by British composers, provide a feast of sparkling performances that have never been bettered. The tracks are:

1. Country Gardens - Grainger arr. Artok
2. Molly on the Shore - Grainger
3. Londonderry Air (Air from County Derry) - Grainger
4. Handel in the Strand - Grainger (piano: David Parkhouse)
5. Mock Morris - Grainger
6. Shepherd's Hey - Grainger
7. Children's Overture - Roger Quilter
8. The Haunted Ballroom - Geoffrey Toye arr. Tapp
9. Dusk - Cecil Armstrong Gibbs arr. Jay Wilbur
10. Shepherd Fennel's Dance - Balfour Gardiner

11. March from the Colour Suite - Gordon Langford
12. A La Claire Fontaine - Robert Farnon
Suite of English Folk Dances - Ernest Tomlinson
13. Jenny Plucks Pears
14. Ten Pound Lass
15. Dick's Maggot
16. Nonesuch
17. Hunt the Squirrel
18. Woodicock
19. March from A little Suite - Trevor Duncan (the signature tune of 'Dr Finlay's Casebook')
20. The Boulevardier - Frederic Curson
21. The Watermill - Ronald Binge
22. Tabarinage - Robert Docker
The Ring of Kerry Suite - Peter Hope
23. Jaunting Car
24. Lough Leane
25. Killorglin Fair

Total running time 93 minutes (on 2 CDs)

£15 incl p&p worldwide